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Small Renovation Projects  - 

Overview - These projects are by far the simplest & most cost effective renovations that can be done to improve the appearance and value of your home .In most cases these projects do not require plans, building approvals or planning approvals. This eliminates costly private certifier fees, draftsman or architect fees, engineering fees, local council fees and potentially long waiting times before your renovation or project can begin.

Examples of theses types of renovations can include:-

  • General repairs & maintenance
  • Bathroom renovations 
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Re-configuration of your homes internal layout     
  • Adding or removing internal walls and doors 
  • Internal painting and floor coverings
  • Small entrance feature decks & landscaping
  • Adding or removing external windows and doors
  • Complete visual house & property makeovers
  • Creating additional rooms within your existing space
  • Installing decorative screens and or fencing 

These projects can be as simple as giving us a call to discuss your projects details/ time frames and our availability along with arranging a time for a site meeting and inspection. From there we can provide you with a free fixed price quote and upon the 10% acceptance deposit, we can then arrange contract signing and scheduled start dates.

Some helpful advice  -  Before arranging a site meeting it is a good idea to prepare a scope of works or list of details and particulars which  we can go through together during the onsite meeting. The scope of works or list of details can be emailed through prior to the commencement of the site meeting if prefered.

Also depending on the size of the internal reconfiguration if applicable, it is strongly advised that you obtain your original house plans from your local council which can be used as a guide during our onsite meeting. These plans generally only cost around $180 - $250 and  take around 10 working days to be available for pick up from your local council office.