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Medium Renovation Projects - 

Overview : - These projects generally require a bit more planning & time. Most of these types of projects  generally require either drafted or sometimes architectural plans along with engineering specifications depending on the project's scale and detail. Some of these projects may only require a simple building approval via a private certifier, others may require both planning approvals via your local council and building approvals. These additional procedures add to the cost and timing  of your renovation project. Generally these types of projects can add far greater value to your home or property overtime and the additional costs are negligible to the value added via completion of the project.

Examples of these  project types can include :- 

  • Outdoor entertainment areas
  • Free standing structures, carports and patios
  • Garage & non habitable room or shed conversions
  • Structural alterations and additions
  • Adding additional bathrooms or Kitchens internally to the existing dwelling.
  • Adding additional kitchens, bed or bathrooms externally to the existing dwelling 
  • Uncovered decks above 1m in height
  • Retaining walls above 1m in height and within 1.5m of an existing dwelling

For these types of projects we generally require at least a set preliminary plans from your local draftsman or architect depending on the scale and complexity of the project. With  a copy of  your preliminary plans, feel free to give us a quick call to check our availability for your project. From there we can arrange a site meeting to discuss your project's details,  provide cost effective advice and a project estimate.

If your project estimate falls within your provided budget you can proceed with the engineering specifications, final construction drawings, building approvals and if required planning approvals. On completion of all of the above and a copy of all the required documentation we will prepare a detailed fixed price quote for your project.

On acceptance of your quote we will discuss your projects start dates, deposit, contract signing and progress payments schedule.